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the right tool

AdOpera Healthcare is a software created for the healthcare facilities maintenance thought to improve the maintenance and the services offered to users

Specialised services for the healtchcare service maintenance:

    - plants maintenance
    - videosurveillance system control
    - fire systems maintenance
    - power plants control

Some specific characteristics:

    .Multi-structure tree based on the healthcare facilities maintenance plan (CIVAB)
    .Key information insertion: historical data of the interventions, security manual and medical device qualities, warranties, preventive plans, maintenance plan (CIVAB), drawings and schemes, risks and  preventive measures.
    .Medical devices and technical plants monitoring.

AdOpera is able to guarantee a high monitoring level:

    .Possible integration with libraries regarding security inspections laws
    .Help Desk function for the working personnel, that can improve the quality of the service
    .Emergency support.

Contracts, stocks, purchases managements
AdOpera manages your providers through:

    .Stocks and purchases management; (contracts, pubblic works, supplier qualifiction, producer's lot),
    .Supplier restriced access.

Quality improvment and cost control
AdOpera is able to help to control and limit the expenses through the determined cost distributions (purchases, contracts, production costs).

You company monitoring
AdOpera provides you informations that you expect:

    .Key operational indicators displayng: open intervention requests, warranties and contracts notifications
    .Scheduled maintenance
    .Emergency and predictive maintenance
    .Standard Indicators through tables and graphics,
    .Standard interface connectors to integrate with your internal applications as for example: BMS/BAS, McKesson, SAP, MAGH2, Siemens Medical.

Adopera is the right toll for the Healthcare facilities maintenance

With AdOpera the healthcare activity will succeed, guaranteeing all the safety levels.
AdOpera allows to manage every maintening criticality and you will:

- Contribute to the quality
- Improve the internal service
- Obtain detailed informations
- Increase the structures usabilities

AdOpera, compared to other softwares, offers you every services online, is web-based, cheap compare to many other standard softwares.
You can simply have access with a standard web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explore), eliminating the necessity of expensive hardware, networks and IT workers.


AdOpera, scalable and flexible, essential as

- maintening automation tool
- buildings data archieve
- documental archieve
- statististic report tool
- customizable reports and prints tool.

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