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Scheduled Maintenance, maximum efficiency.

  • New!
    Scheduled maintenance
    Quickly organise monthly tasks
  • New!
    Process FLOW Module
    Design and control your workflows
  • New!
    Integrated with SIERT, Regione Toscana
    Send automatically the informations to regional database
  • New!
    Integrated with Banca Dati Gas Fluorurati
    Speed up entry into the F-GAS archive
  • Reduce costs!
    operating and printing
  • Accessible everywhere!
    smartphone - desktop - tablet
  • Save time!
    in your business and during the interventions


Select your sector

Direct your TEAM as an orchestra conductor

always accessible : software WEB BASED



Managing • Programing • Improving

In short AdOpera

customized solutions

complete management solution
for the on site maintenance interventions

A powerful tool is the key for a solid growth: with AdOpera your company willa have a complete powerful management solution,  which is able to coordinate and functionally use each resource.

Totally WEB-BASED, accessible by every browsers, smartphones and tablets.
AdOpera will allow you an incrdible overview on your tasks and on the resources to use: a great advantage for you company and customers.

  • Accessible 
  • Increased 
  • Customizable 

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on demand

step-by-step : a software that grows with your business

AdOpera will help you to organize and manage you company's needs, optimizing   performances and growing the efficiency.


AdOpera on-demand with "unit" increases:
1 unit = 1 operators / 30 interventions per month

An ideal solution to reorganize the company procedures and to lay down the fondations for a gradual and systematic growth.

Increases can be asked depending on the real needs

on-demand = let's grow together

  • it grows with you
  • no functional restriction
  • estremely accessible
  • always upgradable


full version for a maximum efficiency

AdOpera will help you to organize and manage your company's needs, optimising performances.

A powerful tool is the key for a solid growth: with AdOpera your company will have a completed powerful management, letting you use as best as you can each resource.

Totally WEB-BASED, accessible from every browsers, smartphones and tablets, AdOpera will give you an overview and an incredible control: a great advantage for your company and customers.

New web-based software for a more performant management and a great control.

FULL. A powerful ally!

  • unlimited interventions and operators!
  • no use limit
  • no extra-charge
  • plus assistance included!


the customizable solution for a challenging business 

AdOpera will help you organizing and managing all your company's needs, optimizing performances and efficiency.

With all the FULL feature, this extension let you develop an interaction with other devices,  functions integrations or full customizations.

It is dedicated to complexed organisations; we will evaluate and collaborate with you consolidating a punctual and reliable system.


Let's build together the right solution




For your specific business

  • totally customizable
  • unlimited potentialities
  • no extra-charge
  • PREMIUM support included!


Why AdOpera

economising and keeping everything under control

Let's AdOpera!

With our WEB-BASED software,
the management will be high performing and always under control.

AdOpera allows you:

- flexible and poweful preconfigurations
- quick and easy compilation and organisation
- efficient and punctual maintenance


The software let you determine a company plant structure's hierarchy. This structure is composed of three levels: plant, sub-plant and component.

For every registered office linked to the order it is possible to configurate the maintenance plant. It is possible to choose the pre-configurated options or to add new options.

Thank to the company calendar, where you can see all the scheduled and emergency maintenance services , the software will be able to assign the task specificating: one or more operators, a foreman, the working time. The calendar allows you to perceive the order state of progress at a glance. 

Others maintenance softwares AdOpera WEB-BASED

 Not available online

Always accessibile

  Limited Assistance

Talented Italian Company

  Not interfaceable with other softwares

Always followed by experts

  Not customizable

Totally customizable


Let's meet targets together.