our customers

Our customers are both privates using our online services like Remida and companies needing customized softwares.

One of our strenghts is flexibility. All our products can be used as they are with general requirements but also be customized to follow almost any needing.

All our websites and products follows the italian law about content accessibility. We have to thank years of cooperation with Public Administrations that helped us to reach a high level experience in this area.

Some of our customers using some of our offers: customized web applications, management software, online catalogs, dynamic websites and business intelligence services.

I nostri clienti



case study

Engicam - www.engicam.com

May 2017

Edra - www.edra.com

May 2017

Nipal - www.nipal.eu

New responsive design with new video and image galleries

Avis Toscana - www.avistoscana.it

New responsive design and integration with dat@vis software

Interporto Prato - www.interportoprato.it

Site with autonomous management of content

Portale FRATRES - www.fratres.it

Portale Nazionale dei donatori di sangue FRATRES

February 2015

La Girandola Viaggi - www.lagirandolaviaggi.it

Site with autonomous management of the trips and honeymoons payments

Avis Cartoon School - www.aviscartoonschool.it

Avis Cartoon School project is a collaboration between Avis Toscana and Cartoon Village

SDS Valdarno Inferiore - www.sdsvaldarnoinferiore.gov.it

Sito istituzione per pubblicazione notizie, bandi, atti e documentazione

Events in Florence - www.055firenze.it

The florentines point of references for the events in Florence


October 2013

Azienda USL11 di Empoli - www.usl11.toscana.it

Website of the public healthcare company in Empoli

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