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CMS - Genetrix content management system for dynamic websites

The web is in constant evolution: new browsers and hardware products, new tecnologies come to life. Web potential grows constantly.

At the same time anybody can find new developing tools, "do it yourself" resources that gives to all the possibility to build their own website almoast for free.

In this see of possibilities Genetrix need to offer more to his customers and use years of experience on the web application development.

Genetrix as usual put toghether different life and professional experiences to develop a product who is at the same time flexible, powerfull and easy to use.

Flexible because it can manage both the small showroom website with just a few contacts and content modifications and the big, complex and wuth many visitors online newspaper.

Powerfull because it uses the Genetrix framework and all its funtionalities such as historycal informations management, stability and security to create a multiple editorial staff.

Easy because it offers a simple and intuitive user interface with help on line.

History, evolution of the web application

Since before Genetrix born we have worked on the CMS (Content management system) development starting from our work at the public health care company "Azienda Usl 11 di Empoli".

The company website is completely based on the first version of this application.

By the time the products is grown including more functionalities and adapted to sustain heavy load websites such as, an online newspaper visited by tens of thousands users every day.

The experience however didn't stop with this result and the engine has been updated again to add a multiple editorial staff environments for large working realities and linked websites who shares informations and articles.

This is CMS: a web application in constant evolution to keep pace with the times of a growing world wide web.

CMS features

  • Accesible website management

  • Easy to use management interface

  • Flexibility

  • Modular engine: every client can active and pay only the needed modules

  • Professional visitors counter and check and banner management

  • SEO optimization capable engine

  • Historical data management to increase security

  • Powerful user profiling to keep working rules separated

  • Integration with other Genetrix products such as Catalog and ecommerce services

We can study a perfect solutions for any kind of customers request.

Contact us, we can help you to increase your business!

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